Friday, October 28, 2005

Shareholder/Partnership Agreements: Creating a Buy-Sell Agreement

Category: Business Law and Planning

From Bplans Blog, and excellent essay on the value of a Buy-Sell Agreement, and the issues you need to think about in creating one.

"Think of a partnership agreement as a "prenuptial" agreement between you and your business partners. You don't expect to have the partnership break up, but you just never know what could happen down the road. "

The article focuses on a discussion of what valuation means in relationship of a Buy-Sell agreement, including different valuation approaches, and the need to revisit the approach taken as the business grows.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Qualified Retirement Plans for Solo Business Owners - The Solo Defined-Benefit Plan

Category: Business Law and Planning, Financial Planning

From Tax Matters: The Solo Defined-Benefit Plan: "If you're the sole proprietor of a small business, you probably know that you've got some terrific options to choose from when it comes to setting up a tax-advantaged retirement account. But here's one you might not have thought of: a solo defined-benefit plan. These traditional pension plans have been around for years, but get relatively little attention compared with other retirement-savings plans. This shouldn't be the case, however, since solo DB plans allow people to contribute perhaps $100,000 a year.

The generous contribution limits make these plans worth serious consideration by people who are late to the retirement savings game and who are prepared to set aside serious dollars to make up for lost time. Sound familiar? Here's what you need to know. "

The article goes on to describe various retirement planning options for small business owners.